Welcome to Creekside’s Blog

Happy New Year to Creekside members, residents, and supporters! We are very excited for all of the projects already underway for 2009, including the introduction of our blog.

This blog will be used to announce upcoming Creekside events, report on past events, share stories about our community, and provide a forum in which community members can post their own thoughts and ideas.

We want to hear from you! Creekside welcomes you to explore our blog and provide feedback. We are looking forward to an exciting year of neighborhood festivals, tree plantings, home repairs, and other events so visit often and stay in touch.


3 comments so far

  1. WD Myles on

    Congratulations Creekside! A great idea to keep the community updated about exciting and usefull information and events. Thanks!

  2. Frank Bach on

    In April of 2008, representatives of the Creekside board of directors sent me a letter that blocked me from participating in the housing committee, where I have served for several years. The letter gave no justification. Since then, those board reps have declined to reconsider or even discuss this with me.

    I still want to work with the housing committee. I have a standing request to the board to retract the blocking action.

    More important, I think that blocking a person’s participation in this way is unfair, and I would like to insure that doesn’t happen to someone again.

    I know that we can work together to solve this problem. Yes, we can.

    Thanks for creating this forum. I look forward to getting a positive response soon.

  3. Joshua Elling on

    Hey Gang,

    Love the blog! Keep us here at JEBA posted on all of the good things you are doing!


    Josh Elling

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