Lakewood Community Garden Builds Raised Beds

Last Saturday community leaders and volunteers joined together for a day of construction and shoveling in the Lakewood Community Garden. Over 15 residents and volunteers joined in the effort throughout the day. Five 4′ x 8′ and two 3′ x 3′ garden beds were constructed from untreated lumber and filled with topsoil. Thank you to all of our volunteers for the time and energy you spent cleaning up the vacant lots, prepping the lumber, and building the beds! Also, a special thank you to the Junior League of Detroit and Jefferson East Business Association for providing the funds to purchase the lumber and topsoil for the project.

838/848 Lakewood

Lakewood Community Garden: 838 & 848 Lakewood

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Volunteers and garden transplants!

Volunteers and garden transplants!

Planting will begin this coming weekend, once the Lakewood South Block Club receives compost from the neighborhood Garden Resource Center. Also, please join us for the 48215 Community Partners signature project on the morning of Saturday, May 9-“Growing in Our Neighborhood.” Gardening and educational activities will be taking place in the garden. If you are interested in volunteering with a community garden or learning more about the May 9 event, please contact Caitlyn Pisarski at or (313) 822-0062.


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  1. myrtle t. on

    Although the Manistique garden is planted we still have two empty raised beds that can be utilized, top soil is needed though, Does any one have any resources for soil I .Please contact me via e-mail.

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