Creekside builds a playground this summer

Creekside is working in partnership with KaBOOM! and The Home Depot to build a new playground in our community! The location is Hansen Playfield on the corner of Drexel and Averhill in the Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood. View our playground’s own KaBOOM! web page here.

This project will require the enthusiastic involvement of our community. A special thanks to the community residents who joined us last evening for Design Day. Over 25 children and adults gathered at Creekside’s office to design a dream playground that will become a reality this August!

Interested in becoming involved? Join the Planning Committee and take a leadership role in bringing a beautiful new playground to our neighborhood. Or volunteer for Build Day on Thursday, August 6.

To volunteer for one or more of these opportunities, or for any questions, please contact Caitlyn Pisarski at (313) 822-0062 or


2 comments so far

  1. Caitlyn Pisarski on

    Mike-Thanks for the great “aha moment” story! Our community is getting very excited for our playground build on August 6. We look forward to an energetic day of building and are looking forward to all the volunteers who will join us!


  2. Mike on

    Hi. Nice post. Pitching in to provide safe places for kids to hang out and play is definitely something we can all feel good about.

    Anne sent us a story a while back about her involvement in getting a new playground built in her hometown — it was a real “aha moment” when she realized how much the project meant to her AND the kids. I thought you and your readers might enjoy it. And who knows maybe it’ll help inspire MORE VOLUNTEERS!

    Hope you like it. Have a great day.
    -Mike / mutual of omaha

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