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East Jefferson Business District on special alert

The Jefferson East Business Association (JEBA) and the Detroit Police Department are working together to solve the several attempted break-ins that have occurred over the past week along the East Jefferson Business District. According to JEBA, the district is on special alert and will be receiving extra police patrols.

JEBA is encouraging all business owners, residents and visitors to be extra vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to the Detroit Police Department by calling 911. The attempted break-ins in the district have occurred as early as 9:00pm and have targeted both rear and front entrances.

Please contact JEBA at (313) 331-7939 if you have any information concerning the events or have any questions.


Dangerous Buildings Campaign

Join Creekside in building a database of vacant, abandoned, and dangerous houses in the neighborhood. We are building a database of houses in need of repair or demolition to advocate for their removal by the City and create a safer space to live. If you have properties that fit this description on your block, call our office at 313.822.0062, email Sam Butler at, or post the address and street name after this entry. 

Thank you for assisting us in this effort to create a safer, more vibrant community.

Dangerous Trees Campaign

Join Creekside in raising awareness of the dead and dangerous trees lining our neighborhood streets. Branches have been known to fall on cars and houses during strong winds and many of these dead trees are along walkways to school. If you have a tree outside your house in need of removal or replacement, call the City of Detroit to report the issue by dialing 3-1-1 from your landline phone, or (313) 224-INFO from a cellular phone.

Help us make walkways safer from falling branches by reporting dead trees on your street today!