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Creekside’s Exciting New Fundraising Program!!!

Share your passion and donate to Creekside with your everyday purchases. We’ve partnered with Capital One® Card Lab Connect to bring you our newest fundraising program, which helps us earn money effortlessly every day! Just carry our custom credit card (it comes with a competitive rate), and valuable cash donations for every purchase you make with the card will be donated to our organization. We’ll also receive a $50 bonus donation when you make your first purchase. And not only will you be donating to our cause with each purchase you make, you’ll be helping to spread the word when people see your unique card, designed specifically for our organization.  Help us continue to serve the Jefferson-Chalmers community by applying for your card today!  We will be using your valued donation to do things like add a swing set to Hansen Playfield, grow Creekside’s housing programs, host concerts in the parks, tree plantings, and more!  We promise to update you on our success and what your money is used for quarterly.  Help us make a difference today!


Bike Tour with Wheelhouse Detroit

Creekside is working in partnership with Wheelhouse Detroit to host a bike tour of the far east side on Saturday, May 9 from 10:00am-1:00pm. The tour will begin at the Wheelhouse Detroit Bike Shop (1340 E. Atwater Street) and make it’s way to the Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood, where the bikers will tour our beautiful green spaces, acres of riverfront parks, and unique canal systems.

The tour price is $25.00 (or $35.00 with a bike rental) and a portion of the proceeds will go towards Creekside. To register, click here.

Questions? Contact Caitlyn Pisarski at 313.822.0062 or
We hope to see you on your wheels soon!