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Update from May 20th Community Meeting

Miss the last community meeting? Here’s an update on our parks, community gardens, and greenways.


Libby Levy updated everyone on the status of the Conner Creek Greenway. The greenway will run from 8 Mile Rd. to the Detroit River, right through the Creekside community. The project began in 2002 with a 10 year goal for completion. At the end of 9 years, 6.5 miles will be completed. The portion of the greenway from Jefferson to the Detroit River will start around September 2010.

Libby updated everyone on the planning process for the M-DOT I-94 expansion between the Lodge and Connor. DECC is working to secure construction jobs for local residents, greenway accommodation, and limiting the negative environmental impact.

Libby Levy and John Myers


Rich McCleary from the Detroit Recreation Department spoke about summer events at the various parks and recreation centers. Events include day camps, senior programs, sports, and special events. There are several tentative programs that will be finalized when school is out for the summer. Residents can call their local centers for more information on those programs. Rich can be contacted at (313) 224-9010.

Sam Butler spoke about Creekside’s plan for additional improvements to Hansen Playfield. Creekside has received a donation from the Guyton Alumni Association to add more swings to the playground to supplement the KaBoom playground built last year. Any donations to help with this cause would be appreciated.


We have several successful community gardens, including 3 new gardens on Ashland, Navahoe, and Marlborough, as well as the wildflower garden JEBA is creating on Jefferson.

Contact Alisha Opperman at Creekside with any questions at (313) 822-0062 or