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Community Feedback for a Creekside Housing Study

For my Urban Planning Masters Project, I am working with Creekside to develop a housing strategy for Creekside’s work in the Jefferson-Chalmers community. For this project, I am looking for community members to get involved and share their thoughts on Creekside’s future housing strategies. Since over 50% of the housing in the community is rental housing, I am especially interested in programs and policies for rental housing in the community.

This semester, I am working with Creekside to research other community organizations, interview renters and landlords in this community, and meet with community members to hear their ideas.

How can community members get involved?

1) Participate in an interview- Creekside is conducting interviews with renters and landlords in this community.

2) Attend a focus group- There will be a focus group in late March where residents can share feedback on the housing strategy. Anyone is welcome to be part of this focus group.

I will continue to post updates on the Creekside blog, but please e-mail me at with any questions or if you are interested in being part of an interview or focus group.