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Obama’s Homeowner Assistance Program: Making Home Affordable

The Obama Administration’s Making Home Affordable program estimates it will offer assitance to 7-9 million homeowners by supporting low mortgage rates and refinancing options with lenders. Details of the $75-billion program were released yesterday. The government has created the website to help homeowners access important information and determine if they qualify for the program. An article today in the Detroit Free Press raises skepticism towards the effectiveness of this program in Michigan, where housevalues have severly dropped and foreclosures have continued to grow over the past several years. However, this plan has the potential to help millions of homeowners around the country. Mortgage service providers are expecting to receive large numbers of callers inquiring on their eligibility to modify loans.

Visit to access the most up-to-date information about Obama’s Making Home Affordable program.


Payment Assistance Programs

Temperatures Drop and Energy Costs Rise

Could you or someone you know benefit from a payment assistance program for high energy costs this winter? DTE Energy, the State of Michigan, and other agencies are offering the following programs: 

Case Management: Low-income DTE Energy customers can receive assistance to create personal payment plans

Shut off Protection Plan (SPP): Available to all residential customers

Credit Counseling: DTE Energy works with GreenPath, a non-profit consumer credit counseling service, to help with money management

Winter Protection Plan (WPP): Protects seniors and low-income customers from service shut-off due to non-payment between November 1 and March 31

Home Heating Credit (HHC) E-Filing: Eligible customers may receive funds from the State of Michigan Treasury Department

The Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW): Available to customers who meet household income guidelines, are facing shut-off, and have exhausted all state and federal programs

State Emergency Relief Program (SER): Available year-round to low-income households that have a shut-off notice

Low-Income Weatherization: Available to some low-income households and includes caulking, weather stripping and insulation

All information was taken from the DTE Energy brochure. For contact information and to see if you qualify for any of these assistance programs, please download the brochure: Payment Assistance Programs


Energy Efficiency Tips

Stay warm and lower your heating bills by:

  • Having your furnace inspected annually
  • Lowering the thermostat a few degrees when no one is home or when everyone is sleeping-Each degree you lower can save you 1-3% of your heating costs
  • Weatherizing your home to stop air leaks
  • Replacing furnace filters on a regular basis
  • Replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Lowering your water heater temperature to 120 degrees
  • Washing and rinsing clothes in cold or warm water instead of hot

Interested in more energy-saving tips for your home? Join Creekside and WARM Training Center next Thursday evening, February 5, at the Creekside office (1021 Manistique) from 6:00-8:30pm for our last workshop of the season. The topic will be: Green Building & Healthy Homes. Hope to see you there!